Add a comment Read more 2 attachments The New Educator: “Heterogeneity: obstacle or necessity? “By Catherine Chabrun the 03/06/18 – 12:00 In: New Educator Gr news magazine No. 238 – April 2018 (9 euros + postage) to buy online To subscribe online Add. a comment more 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … next> last ”
By Francois Perdrial on 24/02/10 – 9:34 in. Great West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique Region Central East> GD 69 – Rhone Gr Preparation RIDEF RIDEF RIDINFOS No.

18 – February 2010 Journal Info RIDEF 2010 Loire-Atlantique Subscribe to this address as have to date: Algeria: Boukli Hacene Nabila and Radwan, Seladji Mustapha Germany Elke Hoffmann Harich Marion, Riese Andreas Stopp Cindy Austria Paul Wallinger, Ingrid Seitler Belgium: Patrick Leunens Truus Schuttyser Henry Landroit, Brike Yvette Brazil Boleiz Junior Flavio Ferreira Glaucia Melo, Bolognini Simone Barbosa Pereira Lucy Kelly Santana Marlene Aparecida De Carvalho Marques Maria Claudia; Gerth Landell de Moura, Maria Isabel, Kirinus Gloria Wonsik Miriam Valente Silvia Ana Flavia Burkina Faso Ouedraogo Yacouba Kabore Sambo Nikiema Karim Cameroon: Mengue Abesso Antoinette Onomo Ebode Bruno Efouba Gisele Therese Spain: Vicente Cuesta Juan Jose Ramos Arroyo Hortensia Lopez Serrano Alfredo Torres Rose Ramon Palau Maria Guadalupe, Palacio Marino Fernandez Maitez, Fontevedra Carreira Pilar Alvarez Maria Teresa, France: Odile and Francois Perdrial Celine Dachary Melanie Tanous Claude Beaunis Andre Brochard, Ehanno Valerie , Maltret Danielle Karine Jaffre Leah Vivet Julie Bompas, Maiwenn Lebreton, Pierre Begaud Thomas Radigois Cathy mallard Japan: Okinawa Yuko Yamamoto Sumiko Watanabe Yoshiko Murat Eiichi Peru: Nury Garcia Portugal Castro Neves Manuela Romania Martinescu Raluca , Dobanda Mihaela Russia Klepneva Elena Nekrassova Liudmilla Sweden: Lena Alexanderson Billvall Goran Togo: Samie Essohanam, Kanfitine Bamibane K Pandang Akisiw Tunisia Gherib Souad Add Comment
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from 49 Results Emancipated School years Freinet – In 1920-1936: The School Emancipated For teachers review> Summary Movements> history of education Movements> Freinet movement in October 1996 Author: Freinet More The Educational meetings of ICEM11 – Saturday, February 13, 2016, school of Paziols by Nicolas Zannettacci on 20/02/16 – 5:43 p.m.

in: GD 11 – Aude account rights class tour> child rights of Life cooperative class citizenship Movements> history of education Education and research> research> practice-theory school organization> rural school teaching techniques> heterogeneity management a comment 1 attachment free texts and interests in: the Educator CEL for teachers review Movements> history of pedagogy teaching techniques> free text December 1947 Our techni c are within the reach of all educators. The experiment continued in thousands of French schools and countless testimonies of total satisfaction would be enough to prove it.

Author Freinet Read more A unique adventure in Pedagogy In: The Educator CEL For teachers review Movements> history of education Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet July 1950 The world market undoubtedly today at a pace accelerated. In forty years, the environment in which we live is spent chariot benches of our childhood, the pram and the oil lamp in the hectic period of the cinema, radio, Vampires and the atomic bomb. Author Freinet Read more The mayor of St.

Paul against secular schools Within: The Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers review Movements> history of education Movements> Freinet movement> Saint matter -Paul February 1933 We summarize here the serious grievances that we are the Mayor of St. Paul in the current case.

1. The school premises. – They are in a deplorable state against which the cantonal doctor, repeatedly protested with us: First Class sunless winter: dilapidated floor and bumpy, rickety benches and demolished. Author Freinet More Kick-educational look at the half-century which ends in: The Educator CEL For teachers review Movements> history of education in January 1950 Author: Freinet Read more Birth of a popular teaching in: for teachers book, brochure Movements> history of education Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet Author Elise Freinet Read more complex operating interests in: the Educator CEL for teachers review Movements> story pedagogy November 1956 Read more Educator No.

19 – year 1945-1946 – theorists and pioneers of the New Education Within: the Educator Publishing Printing at the School for teachers review> summary Movements> history Movements of pedagogy> educational movement in July 1946 Author: J. Husson more Great pedagoques: Roger Cousinet by Claude Beaunis the 03/09/1 2 – 24:44 In Research Paper Education Movements> history of pedagogy The following is published in Prospects: quarterly review of comparative education (Paris, UNESCO: International Bureau of Education), vol. XXIII, No.

1-2, March-June 1993, p. 225-236. It commits course its author. Add a comment Read more 1 2 3 4 5 next> last »
3 Results Workshop philosophical debates By Nicolas Zannettacci the 11/16/14 – 10:13 p.m. In: GD 11 – Aude report Internship civic education Philosophy teaching techniques> Debate class tools Stephanie Fontdecaba.

Add a comment CR 11 files attached Stage “Conflict management and prevention of violence in schools” By Nicolas Zannettacci the 09/02/16 – 11:44 p.m. In: GD 11 – Aude report Internship Company> nonviolence civic life of the cooperative class, citizenship education and research> knowledge of children> aggression, conflict Training and research> knowledge child> emotion Training and research> research> theory and practice teaching principles> co> tutoring pedagogical principles > co> jobs, responsibilities reports of workshops held Thursday 4 and Friday, 5 February 2016, the Louise Michel High school in Narbonne.

Course co-organized by the ICEM11 and NMS-CFDT. Partnership which offers the opportunity to meet during school time, with colleagues from kindergarten to high school, ICEM members or not. A rare and valuable experience of cooperation!

Add a comment Read more 11 attachments ICEM11, internship Journal of 13 and 14 November 2014, Part 1: permanent workshops, philosophy, MNLE, PDT, Mediation By Nicolas Zannettacci the 14/11/14 – 10:43 p.m. In: GD 11 – training course Aude newspaper the French education> Scripture-reading civic life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> natural method> natural read-write method training and research> training> start training and research> research> theory and practice pedagogical principles> co> Genesis of the cooperative educational principles> labor education This “book” reports on a co-organized course on class time between SE-UNSA 11 (logistics) and ICEM11 ( organization, content, animation), made in Carcassonne on 13 and 14 November: “Start in cooperative practices change without any change.” Add a comment Read more

1 to 10 from 30 Results When small talk sub In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers journal Economics Teaching Techniques> debate in February 1983 Author: Mylene Thomann More A cat, a pie, my students and me in: teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching techniques> debate in November 1981 Author: Christiane Strauss Read more New Educator No. 137 in: the New Educator PEMF for teachers review > summary Philosophy teaching techniques> debate in March 2002 more the New Educator No. 175 In: the New Educator PEMF For teachers review> summary Philosophy teaching techniques> debate in January 2006 more a debate on a debate in: school level > second degree> the college Breach CEL For teachers Te French magazine ns Educational> Educational Techniques debate> Free text February 1975 My experience class discussions …